It’s 5:23am and for the first time in quite a while I am stumped on what to post about. My typical workflow was very simple:

-wake up
-set up paper and pens on dining table
-wipe drool from face and get gunk off eyes
-draw per storyboard

This morning I have been dawdling around, kind of disoriented. I do not have anything left to draw…what happens next?

I don’t mean that the book is done. I mean the line art is done-my typical day to day work even when I am still almost unconscious. Kind of like being in a new office, you wander about trying to be productive but unsure of what should be done and trying to set up for the tasks ahead.

Luckily, I remembered I put together a task list for myself-way way ahead of this point. I learned from my day job how valuable a task list is. Actually a really tough boss taught this to me, and it was a pain during the whole time. We argued about it at some point too, but tough as he was he was understanding and saw the immaturity of my youth. We actually ended up getting along and we have been in touch for some time, been 6 years since I last saw him.

So back to the task list-my current one. I wrote down tasks and milestones to get the book out. It could me minor things like adding more “storm” scenes to the current drawings, or it could be larger things like decide on the book title. I also have a note that says put together a note to the parents who will read the book-like a guide or tip. It seems today my task can be to add the text on the pages themselves. I remembered to make photocopies of the pages yesterday. I have planned out how to go about the text and I have other more menial things-like reviewing the drawings and removing the pencils. Since I have them listed out I can visualize the workload and schedule and I can juggle them so I can be efficient with the limited time I have. Right now, I can focus on the text and get myself warmed up to my laptop-removing the pencils can be done on another time when I have my son around and I do not have to focus too much.




Feedback welcome!

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