More reading on how to get it published…

Just a quick update, all weekend was spent on researching more on publishing and production costs. I did touch some of the artwork, but only to make finishing touches on the inks, erasing pencils and reviewing a previous mark up set on what needs to be added to the book.

Some info I picked up:

ISBNs would make my book easier to find and cost varies on bulk quantity. The more I buy the cheaper they are. They are available at

There are too many dang options on what type of hardcover one should go with. And looking at the children’s books in our local library-I know I will need casewrap hardcover.

My library is very open to getting books donated to them. They do review and make sure it is not an old worn out book. No problem for me.

Software is still expensive to get this project done. I am looking at open source options but they might be counter productive given my target schedule.

The biggest hurdle right now is the cost of printing. I am trying to get pricing from local print shops and their hard cover costs are insane. I would like to print locally, for some reason all the books I read to my son seem to be printed in Asia.

If I run a Kickstarter campaign, a LOT of the cost goes to printing and shipping. Then another HUGE cost goes to fees and taxes. Ouch.

There are probably more costs I have not accounted for yet.



  1. I never realized that self publishing was so difficult! There goes my family history book. My niece is getting her masters degree in publishing, so I am beginning to get an idea of all that goes into the process. If I pick up any tips from her, I will pass them along!

  2. Thanks Susan 🙂 Don’t worry it is still very doable. Maybe I am overcomplicating it. Sometimes it can be as simple as sending your pdf to a printing shop online. I am just reading on it as much as I can because I intend to write other books later on 😀

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