Minor problems

More on the side things that need to happen to get the book out:

photo 2

This morning at 6am I was up trying to fix my Canon Pixma MP560 all in one scanner printer. It was my only printer and I relied on it for my scans for the earlier part of this blog. It seems to have taken some damage from the movers when we moved to Texas. When I first looked at it a part had been disjointed and I kind of put off fixing it until I had the time or until I had to. Well, today I had some time and I had to. It was a quick enough fix, popped the part back in and ran a test…

So it seems there are other problems to it besides that part. The printer head is slamming against the side of the printer when it warms up. It gives me an error code which when I check on says the printer head may need to be replaced by Canon. Awesome. Buying a new one would cost me about $65 which I do not want to spend right now. I’m going to have to do some more research on this and hope it works out.

No drawings today, I had planned on either fixing this or inking some illustrations for the book jacket or for Kickstarter…


Feedback welcome!

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