Children’s book cover page inked!

Cover page is inked 🙂 I started out with the sketch and did a couple of options. The goal for me was to show the twins in the context of the story, and give some sense of it to the child reader. Obviously, I want them to be interested when they see the cover. I don’t have any dinosaurs or monsters or animals, so I am thinking of putting some air of suspense or adventure.



After getting that sketched out, I had to figure out how to fit it into my book size. For the book size I have been looking at a few options for printing and it is looking like 9×7 would work well for me. I had always opted for the landscape orientation but I never finalized the ratio of horizontal to vertical.

I wanted the image to have the option of expanding to the back dust jacket of the book-this is kind of why I wanted to know the 9×7 size.

To allow some fudging around with the foreground, I drew them separately and then did the background to fit the book size restrictions I had. This lets me draw in more detail to the twins, where it matters, and less detail on the background. I can then enlarge or reduce the foreground later to show the right depth I want for the final product.

photo 3


photo 2(1)







Anyway, so now I am going to start converting these in Illustrator. I will post on that as it progresses 🙂

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