Finding your fonts

Mmm I didn’t ever think about this ahead. It came to me around Saturday night while I was working. I am preparing a cover page for a Kickstarter campaign and when I flipped thru the fonts from Adobe I realized I did not have a lot of options. Looking at the artwork I realize I cannot use a ho-hum font because my characters are not on the wildly imaginative side. I wanted to throw in a more loose, fun looking text. Just to liven up the pages.

So I looked up some fonts. I went back and reviewed the children’s books we had at home which we just borrowed form the library. They used different fonts and some of them used multiple ones. There was a funky title font and a more conventional font within the pages. Some publish the fonts they used on the book details, similar to how some list the medium they used for the artwork.

I found my pick pretty easily and I did a test pdf of the cover page and the regular story sized text and ran it through kindle. A quick way to test it is make a pdf and upload it to a Dropbox account. If you open your Dropbox app on a mobile device, it asks you if you want to open it thru a couple of other apps-one of which is Kindle. Anyway, there are other ways, but this fit into my workflow and Ihad everything else set up already anyway.

The font comes with a fee-some of them are free but may not have all the characters. You will have to check what license you get with that fee. Some have separate fees for your desktop use, for ebook use, for print media, etc. So figure out which one works for you before you pony up the hard earned cash. The prices range from around $30 to packages of $150. I am getting the $30 one because it has the visual effect I want.

Feedback welcome!

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