Sketches converted in Illustrator

This morning at 8am I have all the images vectorized. It doesn’t really take long but since I have to find the time to work on the book it took longer than I thought. I

This is what it looks like after going thru adobe illustrator…



I had an easy time converting them using image trace because from the start I drew these with the intent of making it easy for me to vectorize and render them thru illustrator and photoshop. With that in mind I made it a point to ink all areas into a closed area-so when I use paint bucket or select the area it is controlled. I kept in mind to use clean ink lines with enough line weight so that software can pick it up. I still got some problems with illustrator missing the eyes I had inked in on all the characters. I tried to increase the threshold at the beginning but since it happened everywhere and it often ruined the rest of the image I just planned on adding the eyes later. Besides they always vectorized into diamond shapes,not circles for some reason.

Feedback welcome!

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