Jacket art: David

Jacket-DavidI am working on coloring the vectorized art work for the jacket. I am doing these because i am also using it for the Kickstarter campaign. Man it is 2:17 am on a Sunday as I am typing this. I realize one of the most time consuming tasks which one should research and plan ahead for is the color and clothing that the characters will wear. By this I mean that there is a lot of consideration to what might be attractive to the child reader. I do not want to show some fancy vogue-type magazine clothing, but would like something kind of well put together and still found on your regular people on the street. It wouldn’t hurt if it was a bit attractive/interesting with some modern pattern on it. I didn’t think this through in detail earlier so I am now spending about 30% of my time swapping out some options in Photoshop. Very inefficient. I think I will be spending my available time saving images of cool clothes for kids that I can later use as reference when I once again sit down and work on the characters.

Feedback welcome!

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