Character design issues

I spent quite a bit of time designing and redesigning my characters early on in the book. I made a big redesign some point in the middle of it, changing the main children characters to have more identifiable skills and becoming about 2 years older than they started out as.

I had some plans and put in some thought on the kids’ clothing design. I figured I would digitally map out textures to it so they do not look flat. I had some ideas in my head and I did quite a few schematics on them with different outfits. Problem was I never did color them in or finalize them. This is now taking my time-fine tuning their outfits. I do not plan on changing them much throughout every book in the series, but they will be wearing reasonably interesting and functional clothes and they will adapt to the scenario.

I have stalled particularly with Sarah’s outfit-as you can see…


Right now the gray/black is not working. Her blouse needs something creative and with a more lively color, or a cool pattern. I had to stop working on it because it was driving me crazy and just eating away at my productivity.

This is only one outfit in the story in this book and happens before the big storm. The rest of the book has her wearing a jacket and jeans.

The outfit needs to look interesting to kids, kind of fashionable that they would be interesting to see on the street also, but not look like it was a magazine photoshoot. Definitely not. Color was never one of my creative points. I can easily identify the problem, but cannot as easily make good combinations.

I stopped working on it a day ago, realizing how I was spending too much of my time trying to design it when I was supposed to be in production mode. So my solution to this problem: sleep on it and in the next days to follow read up on kids fashion, research textures and patterns-particulary at any downtime I find. For the time being I can keep working on production, but skip finalizing Sarah’s outfit until I find some solution to it. I will post the final version later to show progress on this.


Feedback welcome!

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