Color deficiencies

I recognize how different modern graphics are to what I have been using. Granted I can use photoshop okay for the book and all, I do not have a great understanding of the current colors that really work well with web based and mobile device based viewing. I kept studying what others had done and what I have looks so different, and one of the things I found is just my color palette and just how limited I am with what colors I have been playing with.

I am learning, and I guess the big thing was this aspect of the project is evolving. Just as the line art and the character designs evolved since I started on them. And the more I worked on them the steadier the progression was. I am going to work on this everyday, at 5am until I get them to the color and effect I like. Hang in there book, I am trying to keep up but right now I have a lot of catching up. In my eyes the colors I am aware of and actively referring to need to be updated with the wider array of options technology currently provides.


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