Video is just not working for me

My workflow has been completely out of wack lately. Putting together the Kickstarter campaign is taking much longer than I expected. It took a lot of days out of working on the book and trying to run numbers, prepare drawings, color specific ones for the campaign and research on a bunch of other things. My last main hurdle is the video intro to the project.

I give up now, video is just not my thing. Particularly making a video of myself. I have done a few attempts while preparing the rest of the campaign. The best one I had I did while I was in the office one weekend waiting for my wife to come by to pick me up after I had done some overtime. I thought it was good, but when I played it at home and we saw it…man it was just boring. I probably would not get a viewer to finish watching my pitch for the project. Heck I nearly fell asleep listening to a voice-over attempt I did.

So I tried to compile a video using the pictures, some voice-over or text and some music. I’ve tried a few versions of it and still haven’t gotten a good result. I spent some time rendering specific scenarios from the book to use on this video, but afterwards it didn’t really help.

Clearly, this video is ruining my schedule. I need to get it out. I think I will try one more video. Nothing fancy, just me saying a quick thing about the book and transfer quickly to the rest of the information which is written on the Kickstarter page. I wish I could do a great video, or even just a basic decent one. I have tried quite a few times and I am still going to do it (hey, this is a book about resiliency isnt it? :D) I just have to settle with something more basic, no fuss, low production, no effects, just information.

However, I still want to talk a bit about what I have learned in the video process. Just to make the most out of the lessons learned in this endeavor.

Apple’s Imovie is awesome, and makes video editing very visual and easy to grasp. At least the easiest I have had-and though I have not had many, if I were to make one I would prefer this

finding music early on might have helped inspire how the video would go. I just could not visualize the campaign with a particular type of music to do this with.

the video is difficult if you are not used to projecting yourself in a positive energetic manner. I can, but it happens when I am talking with someone and I am engaged in the conversation. I somehow have not learned to replicate the result while talking to a camera. Some people are really good at this. me, maybe someday.

Anyway, I am setting myself for another quick attempt at the video. I hope it comes out much much better with less production tricks, just sound enganged and alive.


  1. It sounds like a good idea. Maybe you should tape a conversation with someone and use parts of that. Another thought I had was, find a couple kids – neighbors, kids of co-workers – and use them to record the comments. It might be fun, and shift focus to the kids in the book?

  2. Hey Susan! Thanks so much for the suggestion. It just has been a big task for me. I am rarely in front of the camera and was always the photographer. Now, making a video and editing it to make a pitch just makes it a multi-layer hurdle for me :/ Anyway, I just keep trying. I think I have done a dozen takes at different locations and have tried to process 4 versions of these varying takes.

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