Freezing water as a prep for blackout

I do not know why I just figured this out. My work flow and schedule has been so out of wack with me working on the book and Kickstarter, that I got lost on both, and my blog.

This is what I should have done:

Keep working towards the book and blog about that progress. Simple. That is what the blog has always been for.

So before I get off to a tangent let me get to blogging about the book’s progress:

I’ve been using Photoshop for the last few weeks to color in the line art I had done. I think I can do more pages per day except that some design decisions have not yet been established on some things (ie. clothing, color of the house, truck, etc). These are all minor decisions though and they slow me down more than anything. If I had a straight set of days working on the book I would definitely be more efficient and make a lot more pages per day.

For some of the earlier colors I have been burning in the color to add shade to the drawings. I think this has a problem with changing the tone/hue altogether of the picture. Some instances they just seem like an unnatural shade. Here is an example:


Sarah here should be getting a tone of light on the front and lots of shadow behind her. Using the burn tool it just gets me shades of the same color, if I push it then the color just goes way South. I am learning about how to overlay that light on her and all the things in the perimeter though…still working on this. I think I have found a solution to the shade problem. I got to it by accident and it has looked great on the scenarios where the blackout in the story has started-and so all the characters have tons of shadows and flashlights (very focused light source)

I will probably go back to this scene and try that solution to it. I am pretty sure I will get much better results.


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