Kickstarter funding campaign started!

I have finally completed and launched the Kickstarter campaign! Woohoo!

To all those new to Kickstarter, it is a platform that allows creatives to post their projects and help get funding for a particular goal-which is in my case to publish a limited Kickstarter edition hard cover.

That sidetracked the book quite a bit but in the long run it will really really help. If you have been following the blog or if you like what the blog is about, please check out my Kickstarter and send some support!


The cover page shown above was first drafter on this post…

The rest of the images shown in the campaign page were also blogged before they were finalized. I do not know how the campaign will go but in the meantime I am going back to focus on the book itself. It’s been difficult trying to balance the launch and the actual book, and I miss just getting back to my workflow and getting productive mornings.

Please please please if you can, please consider supporting the kickstarter campaign directly or also by spreading the word, liking the blog or sharing us on Facebook 🙂




  1. This is so cool! I will be following your progress. Can’t wait to see and hear how it turns out. I’ve shared on my FB page.

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