Black out preparedness

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I missed a few nights as i was not feeling well but I think I will be back working on the book tonight.

I wanted to post a scenario which I blogged on earlier when it was still in pencils and inks. I used this final version in my Kickstarter campaign (which is ongoing and ends on December 4ish). This scene really helped me understand how to color the focused light source and to use shadows in this way. Most parts of the book I went thru coloring it but somehow I felt it was not complete. Something seemed off and I kept tweaking it. When I did this scene I understood that a big component of what was amiss was how I did my shadows.

Previously I did them by burning the colors in photoshop. Well the problem with that was that I got oversaturated colors where I needed them to be a shade darker. What I eventually ended up doing to make this scene below work, was to add an extra layer in Photoshop, throw in my gray shadow there and then adjust the opacity. This allowed the shadow to appear gray and still let some of the original color show up. I was forced into coming up with what is really a basic solution by this one scene, and now I am going back to the other scenes to update them where it applies.

power goes out



Currently I am running a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to produce a limited first edition print of the book. Please check out my video and other final artworks for the book, plus a concise summary of the story and the educational goals of the book. My goal is to finish the books by December 2014 and get back first edition prints by February 2015. I would really appreciate your support! Thank you so much!

Feedback welcome!

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