Preps in the basement

This scene comes when the kids follow where the window from outside of the house leads. The window was sandbagged, and curious to see what might be the consequence if the sandbags failed and the window flooded, the kids find where it leads.

So here the trail leads to the family basement where they a bunch of their food and gear. Not much emphasis is placed on the gear and food. That is not what the book is about. But the kids ponder the consequence of flood water getting in this room and damaging all their preps.


I am playing with the page a bit. I am adding more white space to the image so I can more flexibly integrate it intot he final page layout for this scene. You see previously I would color the whole image, but that meant that when I insert it into the page of the book , there would be some sort of defined border for that image. Either where the colors of the image end, or the implied white border beyond the image. By leaving the white space I can play with it more in terms of where the image ends and begins. I can blend text over the edge of the image and onto the rest of the page.

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