Battery bank education

Here is the basement battery bank scenario in color, with the added white space 🙂

The battery bank is composed of multiple G2 golf cart batteries, an inverter and a 3 phase computer controlled charger. All of this connects to the Jones family sump pump in their basement.  I did not show too much clutter or detail because a child reading this book will only get distracted by it. I show enough of the components that a dad might be able to relate to his child, this picture to an actual one that he has put together. Why is the sump pump pipe blue? No reason really other than to make it stand out and help visualizing. This battery bank assembly is based off a Steven Harris video I watched and built my own battery bank from.



For anyone interested in Steven’s website and build your own battery bank, please go to He offers a video that teaches you how to build a stationary one like in this image, or a mobile one in your pickup truck. The video is so detailed you will not miss anything!

The prior pencil and ink post to this…


Also, I am doing a crowd funding to print some hardcover copies of the book which I have now titled under the series: The Resilient Joneses. Please check out my Kickstarter to pre-order hardcover copies of the book!


  1. Using a blog to keep the project on track may work. I know it can be difficult for me to finish big projects once the initial enthusiasm wears off.

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