Checking on the neighbors…

Hmm today is kind of a downer. I just am not seeing much movement on the Kickstarter campaign. I have received tons of email about folks offering to spread the word. I am guessing some of these may be scams, others just legit marketing boosters. I sure could use more knowledge on how this whole dang marketing thing works. I know who the book is for, but I need to find out how to reach out to them. I’ve learned a lot from before any of this started, but it always seems that there is even more after each turn.

Anyway I want to go back to my regular routine. Just keep working, building the book. Regardless of my stats on the campaign, or shares on Facebook…I need to just get back to what I was working on regardless of whatever.

So, with all that mini-venting done, this scene is from when the kids check across the road to check on any signs of what has happened to their neighbor and friend Joe. They usually stay in touch via walkie-talkies but since the power has gone out they haven’t been able to reach him. The radios are on battery so they should be working fine. And just before that Blackie had his little spider sense tingle and he warned the twins.


In terms of the drawing itself, I fixed some line art errors I had on the pencils. I let it carry over thru Illustrator and only fixed it in Photoshop.

I am still not that happy with how the dog looks here. He wasn’t really what I would have planned for, and his image is still inconsistent compared to most of the characters.

I like how the play of white/gray space works here too. Gives me lots of options for playing with the text.

Anyway I have my son getting one too many non-compliant unauthorized piggy backs and I need to stop typing. I’ve been sick for the last week and he deserves more playtime.


Feedback welcome!

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