Illustrating reasoning and a conclusion

I had to think for some time back when I was sketching this scene. It is very simple but for some reason I was overthinking it.

This is one of the images where the kids arrive at a solution to one of their problem solving scenarios.

There are pages dedicated to illustrating how the kids arrive at their solutions. This allows the parents to illustrate to their child how reasoning works. It illustrates critical thought. I have yet to post any of these images because they require me to complete the others and then to lay them out in the best manner. In some of these pages, images are full page, and in quite a few, to make the book more efficient in printing-they have smaller images set like a storyboard.

This is part of one scene where the kids conclude that the reason why their de-flooding plan is not working, considering that they solved the power supply to the sump-pump (also a separate critical thought scenario of multiple images) is that they have not sandbagged the window as their dad had prepared for in their own basement.Image31


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