Kids don’t get to play in the rain anymore

Scenario:The Joneses have crossed over to get to their unprepared neighbor to see what is wrong. They arrive and the first one out is Blackie followed by Sarah. Joe is out in the driveway bailing water from their flooded basement.

Everyone is in the rain. And yes they do not have rain jackets. I don’t see people letting their kids play in the rain anymore. I used to take baths in the rain, with soap and shampoo and all. We didn’t have a lot of space but we celebrated and played when we could. And no I did not get sick.


This took some experimenting because I haven’t done a rain scene before. The original ink had no rain because I didn’t think about doing it. As the book progressed I realized that the storm had little impression on the pictures of the book. Kids had to see and feel that there is a storm in the story so I had to squeeze it where I could. This was one chance.

The kids being in the rain turned out to be a good opportunity also to relay that thought. Kids cannot live in a sterile environment. They have to live in the open so their bodies can build up resistance to it and become stronger.



  1. What a beautiful project and an amazing gift for your son that he will cherish! I love the rain illustration. I love that you bathed in the rain as a child. I celebrate the rain, and I too love to play in it (even as an adult). Your illustration is wonderful! You capture the magic of the rain and the playfulness that it can evoke. Thank you!

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