So this crowdfunding plan failed…




My plan to publish the book thru Kickstarter did not succeed. This would have been big for me if it succeeded, but alas I missed a important thing:

Marketing is insanely important. I did not imagine that it would be, as I thought the project would be evaluated within the Kickstarter community and amongst friends and family. The first feedback I got after my project went live was emails from folks who offered to spread the word.  I wasn’t sure if if is legit or not, and I received a couple others offering the same.  Kickstarter seemed like a small enough community of folks who supported creative endeavors, but turns out there is a need to reach far beyond that community too. If I had known, I would have spent a separate amount of time and effort on how to market it for the Kickstarter.

I have accepted that the plan failed. It sucked for a few days before the actual deadline. Shrug that off and I’m just continuing work on the book and plan to finish it under the same schedule. I do not know if I will revisit the crowd funding route but it is always a possibility. For now I need to recoup the time I spent on Kickstarter and put it back into the actual book.


Feedback welcome!

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