Checking on the neighbors: Before adding shadows

Still working on the drawings…On this scene the family confronts their neighbor Joe and asks him what happened and how they can help. A little background: Jerry’s house is downstream of the Joneses and their town has lost power. Flooding started and has come into Jerry’s basement. He has a sump pump there, but with no power he has been bailing water all morning (he and his son Joe). The Joneses learned that something was not right and so they came over to check on their neighbor.

I thought I’d share what an image looks like with just the color. This is before I add in all the shades and shadows and light sources.


As you can see it looks very unfinished for this style I’ve drawn it in. Surely there are styles that look better without the shading, but mine works better with it.

I think this is partly due to the visible line weights I used to outline the drawing. There’s a kind of balance one needs with those line weights and the color. Real life has no outlines, and with computer graphics there has been a big trend to skip outlines or to make their color match the rest of the image. I stuck to black outlines. Maybe I will switch later.

Feedback welcome!

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