Mobile battery bank

After rounding up Christmas errands this weekend, I found time to work on the book. I am about a dozen more images from completing the book, and it feels good to finish off images bit by bit. At some point before this all gets finalized I need to jump in them one or two more times to polish some details or to update any techniques I used in the later drawings. I am looking forward to finishing them 🙂

On this scene, as I have described in a prior post when this was still in pencils and in inks, the kids have found a solution to Gerry’s basement flooding problem. They went back to their dad’s truck and used their family’s battery bank-mounted on their pick-up trick- to run power to Gerry’s sump pump.
This image is intended to be one of the many “hooray” moments in the book. I am thinking it needs some more oomph though, after all the colors and details have been done. This is probably one for revisiting later as I complete the book. For now, with the way things are going and with all the work I am taking on, I am just glad to have been able to make some progress on it.


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