Request for Blackie digger special

I haven’t posted in a bit. Just having some issues with schedule and hardware (again) which I will describe in a later post. Luckily for me I had uploaded some earlier stuff as a backup, to remind myself to keep posting as I get closer to completing this book. Here’s an update to this pencil.

So here the kiddos have just found out another problem on the exterior of the house. Prior to this they had just found a solution to the power to run the basement sump pump. That solution was kind of working, but something else was wrong. Under the theme of being resilient, and since the book also teaches about trouble-shooting, the kiddos continue to troubleshoot and find that there was a leak from water coming in thru the window. To solve that, they are going back to something they had learned from their parents in an earlier scene in the book. The first step to that goal is to gather the materials for that solution. To get the materials, they are harnessing their buddy Blackie to use one of his favorite skills – digging.

Blackie Request

Blackie Digger special









Obviously Blackie has not issues with the request and starts producing tons of dirt 🙂


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