Back to work

My laptop gave up on me and just stopped working. I worked most of this afternoon trying to put my files back together and organize it to my newly acquired used laptop. This morning, 4:30am I am back to working on the book. I have to redo a few of the pages which was not saved up in my last backup, but no biggie. This is going to get done.

I’ve been inkling on getting a new laptop or desktop for a few months and gave up on it because of budget issues. One day, I woke up early in the morning, walked my half unconscious self to my dining table and turned on my old HP TX2000 and…bzzt. Nothing. Tried it a couple of times and bzzt. It would not even go to BIOS. I spent a good few weeks trying to source a replacement cheaply. My wife had the same exact laptop which was also broken-which I planned to salvage for parts. Only to find out that the same part broke in both. I asked my office IT if we sold any old laptops, kind of hoping we had some crappy ones to give away. Still no luck. I checked local stores, even pawnshops for used ones. Prices were still in excess of what I was willing to pay for. (local pawnshop had a cool looking Acer for about $230. That price is just not right for me, knowing what I need in a laptop).

I ended up going back to where I got my first laptop: eBay. Took a couple of days researching price, and after witnessing a great Lenovo Thinkpad go for about $70 I was stoked. This gave me hope. I have an expectation of reliability from Thinkpads. They do not look uber cool, but heck it is what astronauts use in the international space station. I researched a bit more and found I could get a used laptop, from office lease, good speed, same memory and with the OS and MS office included, for about $120. I made an offer for $100 one early morning and got an acceptance right away. And after about 4 days of shipping, here I am back to work using this new used laptop.

I had this laptop for about 7 years

I had this laptop for about 7 years


I’ve had that HP TX2000 for about 7 years. With the heat that machine put out it should have konked out years ago. Common problem with it was burning out the motherboard-so I got it a fan to help it cope. With the recent activity for this book, and with those times I left it running, it was bound to crash. But having done so much of this book on that old machine, this book, this symbol of hope for me and my family’s future, I feel so light and relieved that that machine broke down. I am way closer than I was before and I know I will keep working towards that goal of personal liberty.


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