skip this whining post

It’s been really really hard to work on the book, much more to blog about it. The work load at home has increased significantly and the work load at the office has also increased significantly. (you can tell from here on this is a whining post, skip if you prefer).

I am juggling too much stuff at work, and I end up taking some of the workload home just so I can be with my family a bit longer. I don’t get as much done at home either because I am doing a bunch more chores since my wife is 35 wks pregnant. I had targeted to finish the book by February so I could concentrate on her growing needs and so I can focus on them when our baby comes out. It seems I can still make that work if I can cram as much as I can into the book these next few weeks.

I just have a stack of deadlines on top of each other and I have stacks of errands too. For the last few mornings I worked on the book I was redoing some finalized artwork that I lost from when my laptop broke. I could have tried to salvage the files harder, but I think I would have spent the same amount of time and spent money on it I do not have.

Sorry to whine and complain. No other place to do it than in the personal space I have here. At the end of this post, I am just going back to work. The objectives remain the same-try to get the book done by February.



  1. Hang in there! I am inspired that you manage to post something, anything, with everything that you have going on in your life. I am sorry that I never got my act together to help your kick starter campaign. I think what you are doing is interesting and that your son and future child might enjoy reading this blog about your trials and tribulations as much as the book itself.

    I haven’t posted anything on my blog in months! But I am working on my capstone project for my masters on the topic of resiliency of historic buildings, with the fantasy of a future book. Your blog reminds me that it is no easy thing! I think everyone has fancies about being a writer and/or an architect. At least I accomplished the Architect part!

    • Hey Susan thanks for your kind words 🙂 I am feeling less whiny right now. Progress has been slow but this morning, as of approx 1am I have all the stuff in Indesign and should be making the draft PDF of the book in it’s entirety in the next few days or so (pending sickness or other things beyond my control). I haven’t spent any time on the blog at all except this one reply because any spare time I do get has to go to the book. Anyway I am beat and going to sleep now, will try to post about the draft tomorrow or the next few days. Thanks again for your support! I hope your project goes well too!

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