Draft of book is ready!

Whew! man after battling sickness from exhaustion, job deadlines, a broken laptop with missing files, and a bunch of other distractions, I have the draft of the book ready! It’s pretty awesome to see it in a complete package. I read it to my son a few nights ago and recorded the audio. We both had a blast and at the end of the quite long book, I was glad to hear him complain and ask me to make it longer 😀 The way we read books is that we don’t really read thru it. We don’t read the words straight on thru but rely heavily on the pictures and supplement it with reading. We discuss what is happening on the pictures.

My plan is to fine tune the text to make it flow better based on our audio recording. Also, as I see image edits needed I can also tend to that in the next few days.

Book spreads









To the awesome people who signed up to get the draft copy of the book, I will email you in a bit and send you the draft. (Thank you for the moral boost!)

Off to spend the Sunday with my family, and work a bit on the garden.


Feedback welcome!

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