I am a new dad, and this is for a children’s book which I will gift to my son to help teach him more about self reliance. He is only a toddler right now, but my hope is that I will have this book and it will be interesting enough for him and other children so that their parents can help to bridge that gap and educate their children with the mature subject of independence.

As I work on the book, as I grow myself, the book will probably change. Even now the artwork is changing. Even now my ideas are maturing. The blog will include some mistakes probably, my hope is that I capture them here before they go out to the final product. My hope is that blogging about the long term project will help me keep on track, maybe even push me to make updates. This is a one man show right now, and I have to make reminders to myself. I would do well to make it part of the blogosphere, hopefully meet great, like minded folks along the path.



  1. This is such a nice idea for a blog

  2. Thanks so much, hope to finish this book in 2014 🙂

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