The Cast of characters

Jacket-DavidThis is David. He is the tinkerer part of the troubleshooting kids. He has a pouch with some basic small tools (flashlight, screwdriver, etc) that I hope speaks to the child reader on the equivalent of a get home bag or every day carry bag. It is just a set of things which are handy to have, in both an everyday non-event or in case there are any problems in your everyday-like needing a flashlight to find something that got lost in the car floor…

This is SarahJacket-Sarah and she is the girl component of the team (obviously) I wanted to represent both boys and girls so that each side of child readers can relate appreciate their own opportunities. Sarah is the hub of information to their team. She is that part of learning where you might watch a skill first on Youtube, then go out and try your hands on it.

Being the story is not heavy on gadgets, both kids have minimal gizmos to them. The story is not built on having stuff, but on using what things are available or you found earlier to solve the problems at hand. Any gadgets they have are quite generic. If you are a parent and your kid asks for one of these things, it’s not going to hurt you so much 🙂


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